Design-a-Party Program

Want to create a truly memorable occasion? Rent the entire Park!  Private parties can be scheduled for two or three hours, between the hours of 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm. Choose the options that creates your parties fun meter. For reservations call 473-1993 during normal park hours.  

Private rental costs are determined by the number of guests and the number of rental hours.

# of Guests Pool Only Slides Bowl Slide All Features
Up to 35


2-hour party $95.00 $20.00 $175.00 $290.00
3-hour party $130.00 $30.00 $275.00 $435.00
More than 35*  


2-hour party $115.00 $20.00 $175.00 $310.00
3-hour party $160.00 $30.00 $275.00 $465.00

Our pavilion is included in all private party rentals.  *Parties with 75 people or more require an additional guard at an additional $10.00 per hour. The 1st half hour of the Liberty Bowl is free.

Liberty Splashland (LS) prides itself for being able to bring you the best aquatic entertainment at fair prices. Our policy for private party reservations was established to keep those costs fair for everyone. 

A $50 deposit is to be made at the time you schedule your reservation.  Only one date can be reserved with that deposit. If you want to schedule a rain date, an additional $50 deposit will be necessary for the additional day at the time of your reservation. This deposit for the rain date is non-refundable.  

Private parties can be scheduled for 2-hours or 3-hours. LS is available for private parties from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Parties are to begin at 6:00 pm whether a 2-hour or 3-hour party.  Patrons are free to arrive up to 30 minutes prior to set their party up but not use the features until the scheduled start time.  

Weather can be an issue and cancellations may occur due to weather.  If LS has determined the weather is not acceptable prior to your arrival your deposit will be refunded. All refunds will be made by check from the borough office. Conditions that warrant Liberty Splashland to cancel a private party reservation are a temperature below 70 degrees, rain at your arrival time, thunder/lightning and excessive wind.

If the conditions BEFORE your start time will warrant cancellation of your party we will make every attempt to contact you using your provided phone number between 30 and 60 minutes before your scheduled start time. If such a determination has been made but you wish to continue your party in cooler temperatures and periods of rain (excluding thunder and lightning and wind) you may do so with no change in fee.  

If the weather changes AT or AFTER your scheduled party start time and LS determines it is not acceptable to continue the party, you will be advised that you have the option to continue your party if you wish as long as there is no thunder/lightning or you may be refunded a portion of your party in 1/2 hour increments for the unused portion of your party from the time the park is vacated until the scheduled end of your party. Under no circumstances will the park allow a party to continue during periods of thunder and lightning. Again, if you wish to remain at the park and continue your party regardless of temperature and rain you may do so with no change in fee.  

If there is thunder/lightning during your party and you wish to remain at the park you will be asked to exit the water and wait for the all clear from Liberty Splashland personnel.  

In the event you cancel your reservation for any other reason your deposit will not be refunded.  

If you have scheduled a private party and you don’t show up, Liberty Splashland personnel will remain at the park for 15 minutes after your scheduled start time of your party. It is at that time they will assume you are not arriving and will close the park. In this case also your deposit will not be refunded.