Closure Policy

Liberty Splashland is open 7 days a week weather permitting. We will typically be open if it isn't raining at
opening time and a high temperature of 75 degrees or higher is forecast on the Weather Channel at 10

In the event of any kind of rain it is best to call us at 570-473-1993 to see if we will be open or check our Facebook page.

In the event of lightning, management reserves the right to close the park at least temporarily. We may reopen 30 minutes after thunder is last heard if attendance warrants it.

Conditions warranting closure:

  • High temperature forecast on the Weather Channel for current day is below 75 degrees or a forecast of rain all day.
  • When attendance drops below 30 people the manager will typically consider closing. If the decision to close is made, there will be an announcement that the park will close in one hour.
  • If the weather turns bad and all patrons leave, the manager will consider closing the park for the day and may do so without a one hour notice.
  • If thunder is heard, the pool will temporarily be vacated until it is seen if the weather will pass. A 30-minute delay from the last time thunder is heard is required until patrons can re-enter the pool.

It is possible the park could remain open during periods of just rain. If attendance remains above 30 people the manager will keep the park open.

There are those unfortunate times when a fecal event will force the closure of the park. All persons who have potential issues with this should wear swim diapers. All children that are not potty trained must wear swim diapers. These events inconvenience all patrons and jeopardize the safety of pool patrons. Please be considerate of others.

Liberty Splashland strives to provide as many opportunities as possible to enjoy our park. Park closures are
hard decisions to make and are not made lightly.